The Time To Check Your Parachute Is Before You Jump!

Starting a business can be the most rewarding thing you can do in your professional life. It can also be the biggest nightmare you’ve ever lived through. Having written 500 killer business plans, we know that they are both an education and a document. We wrote this book to give entrepreneurs the tools they need to truly understand what they are getting into.

“A must read for both seasoned entrepreneurs and those brand new to starting a business! By using direct language and clear illustrations, Peter and Lydia Mehit pinpoint what needs to be inside an entrepreneur’s head to start and sustain a thriving business each step of the way; beginning with choosing a business, through visualizing its sounds, sights, and smells, to detailing the financial and operational aspects of any given business venture—Killer Business Plan gives entrepreneurs worldwide a rock-solid, powerful platform from which to launch their enterprise.”

Ivan Misner, Ph.D., NY Times Bestselling Author and Founder of BNI®


Killer Business Plan has three parts:

Part 1 – What Business Should I Choose? discusses the ways you can get into business, the traits of successful business people and tips for how to choose a business and visualize your selection.

Part 2 – How Much Will My Business Make? explains the various corporate structures available to you and how they work, a set of feasibility models you can use to roughly calculate how much your business could make and a discussion of non-profits and grants.

Part 3 – Create My Business Plan builds your business plan progressively. This method allows for better cumulative comprehension of the information you gather and also allows you to stop work at the soonest opportunity if it’s apparent your business idea isn’t workable. The book will guide you using tools available online:

Videos Examples
White Papers Financial Models
Templates Sample Business Plans

“In “Killer Business Plan”, Peter Mehit has written a very comprehensive book that encompasses much more that just the writing of a business plan. He starts with the basics by asking the reader what business they want to choose and why. From there he talks about visualizing the customer, feasibility models, funding sources, and then he gets to the building of the actual business plan. In other words, his book is a very good example by being a great business plan for a book. I highly recommend this step-by-step manual to launching a successful business.”

– Boaz Rauchwerger, Author, Speaker and Contributor to Lifetime Network’s The Balancing Act

Using this approach, your business idea will be in your bones. You will know where you’re going without thinking about it. How much more confidence will you have? How much easier will it be to deal with changes as they occur?  A Killer Business Plan will reduce your risk and eliminate mistakes.

You know you want to get in business for yourself. Killer Business Plan is the perfect first step in creating a successful company. Order your copy today!

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