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This page samples of some of the electronic materials referenced in the book Killer Business Plan. While all the tools are listed, only the ones with links to the right are accessible from this page. If you like what you see, you can buy the book, which will give you access to all the tools.

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Feasibility Models

Pro Forma Financial Models

Marketing Schedule

Templates                                                                             Top

Decision Document 1 (Chapter 5, Page 42)                         KBP Decision 1

Pulling It All Together Inventory (Chapter 8, Page 62)          

Decision Document 2 (Chapter 9, Page 68)                        

Decision Document 3 (Chapter 14, Page 98)

Business Plan Template (Part 3)                                          Business Plan Template

Gone To The Dogs Plan Example (Part 3)

Feasibility Models  (Chapter 10, Page 74)                        Top

Feasibility Model – Service Business

Feasibility Model – Total Sales/Year                                       Model 2

Feasibility Model – Retail Business

Pro Forma Cash Flow Models (Chapter 17, Page 138)    Top

Select the model to use based on the number of major revenue streams your business will produce.

One Revenue Streams                                                           KBP 1 Stream Pro Forma

Two Revenue Streams

Three Revenue Streams

Four Revenue Streams

Five Revenue Streams

Six Revenue Streams

Seven Revenue Streams

Eight Revenue Streams

Nine Revenue Streams

Ten Revenue Streams

Marketing Schedule (Chapter 20, Page 177)                 Top

Marketing Schedule Worksheet

Marketing Schedule Example